Check out this really great video or Regan and my trip to Rocklands, South Africa in 2013. What an amazing trip! i can wait to go back!!

Well once again the competition season has come and gone.

I started this season with zero intentions of competing, I said I would MAYBE do the CCC comps and I for sure the Grip It comp, but no others. I had no interest in competing this year, I struggled to find the motivation for it last year and this year being yet another long, hard winter in Calgary I thought there was no way I would stay psyched on competing.

Winning does a funny thing to your motivation levels. I won my first three comps of the year leaving me with the provincial champion title and a sense of invincibility. How could I not keep going? So I did Western Regionals where my undefeated status was stripped of me by Jason Holowach. This, I was not surprised about, I had said from the start of the season that Jay would take the National Champ title this year, but at the same time, he didn’t kick my ass and there was still a little voice in my head saying that I could still take the National Champ for myself. I bought my plane ticket to Ottawa, I was going for it.

I’m not going to go over the details of Nationals. Qualifiers went well; I was feeling strong and confident. Semi-finals went poorly; I blew it on a couple climbs that I was more than capable of sending. Oh well, I won’t dwell on it. I ended up in 10th place in the competition which dropped me in 3rd place for the overall season.

Jay and I are now hoping to head to Vail, Co for the World Cup competition in June. While we are down there we are planning on spending a week bouldering in the Boulder area. This, I am very excited for, I way prefer climbing outdoors over comps so this will help me stay motivated to keep in bouldering shape while our rock season around here starts to ramp up. The best part too is that I won’t even miss any rock climbing around here because June monsoon will no doubt be consuming Canmore at that time. 

This past training season may have been my best year yet. I ramped everything up, finding a great balance in my training which helped me stay strong in a wide range of ways, I was able to stay away from injury, and push myself harder than ever before. I owe a lot of my motivation and well-focused training to all of the people around me. Regan as always kept me on target, focused, and pushed me every step of the way while always staying positive. Morgan, my trainer, he showed me a new way of training while opening my eyes to things I would never have done in the past. Bonar; for his great training ideas, and for pushing himself so hard that well I couldn’t let him beat me like that. Peter Woods; for reminding me what not to do, and for pushing me at just the right time. Ben; for always bringing his A-game. Thanks, as always,  to Jason Fox from Mission Health for beating me up when my muscles weren’t behaving. And of course a big thanks to some of my favorite competitors for keeping me on my toes (Jason Holowach, Dan Amal, Sam Tucker).

Time to climb rocks now.  

Some photos from 2014 Canadian National Championships.

Ben getting his first tat!

The van is coming along.

CCC Comp went well.

Great comp in Saskatoon this year.

Great comp in Saskatoon this year.